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Conor McGregor

McGregor is an amazing mixed martial artist and boxer from Ireland. Back then, he was just a simple poor person.

He was born in a not so rich family. His parents belonged to a working-class family.

Most of his parent’s earning were consumed by his elder sister. As a result, McGregor lived for 12 years in poverty.

So, what happened? How did he become one of the richest people in the world? Let’s tell you.


McGregor – The Beginning

Conor McGregor was born on July 14, 1998.

As a kid, McGregor never paid much attention to academics. He was obsessed with sports. In fact, he loved football the most.

To become a good Football player, he had also joined a football club.

Unfortunately, his life took a drastic U-turn, which changed his entire life.

A Drastic U-Turn of McGregor’s Life 

Due to financial problems, McGregor’s parents have thought to move from one place to another.

In the new city, McGregor became alone. He had no friends. Most importantly, many kids in the same town began to bully him.

McGregor was all alone. He was angry, depressed, broken, and frustrated as well. He didn’t give up and turned his pain into glory.


How A Poor Kid Become McGregor 

To turn all the pain into glory, Conor joined a boxing gym and learned mixed martial arts. He was having so much fun in boxing and martial arts. Suddenly, his family reminded him of money.

McGregor wasn’t going to college. To become an employed person, McGregor became a plumber.

A man with big dreams was stuck in a plumbing job. He didn’t want to live the life of a plumber.

When McGregor told his father about this. They both got into a fight. However, he still didn’t give up.

First Professional Fight of McGregor 

In 2007, McGregor appeared in MMA UFC Europe. Finally, he fought as a professional fighter for the first time. Such a rough path made him strong. In his first professional fight, he won the match with a technical knockout.

He was consistently turning out a winner. Most people of Ireland were calling him an Irish superstar. He was the first fighter in Ireland, who had won in two distinctive divisions.

How Things Get Better for McGregor 

The world was watching McGregor’s skills. Among all of these people, Dana White was the one who knew his true potential.

Dana White allowed McGregor to fight in UFC matches.

McGregor proved himself and took the chance seriously. At that time, he fought well and earned a lot of money. Along with this, UFC has also increased its revenue because of McGregor.

As a UFC fighter, he won two championship belts.

Who Earned the Credit? 

McGregor was a lonely person. There was no one to support him. Even his family left him because he wasn’t listening to anyone.

In an interview, he said, “the credit goes to my persistence and hard work.”

Do you know that McGregor has a net worth of $110 million?

McGregor in Social Media

Conor McGregor is very popular on Twitter. He has about 8 Millions followers on Twitter. McGreagor also love to tweet and regular response of his follower tweet. Below the Conor McGregor personal Twitter profile.

McGregor Personal Twiter

We are living in the era of social media, where Instagram is most popular social space for celebraty. Conor McGregor also using Instagram as well, lets see his profile of Instagram. His official instagram page name is thenotoriousmmaas like twitter there are about 33m followers.

 McGregor instagram

Lets see the King of UFC Conor Mcgreagor Facebook profile. Conor McGregor official facebook page name same as Instagram “thenotoriousmma” Below the McGragor official facebook page, where can you join and start gossip with the biggest figher.

McGregor Facebook page

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